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Wireless EarpieceCovert Surveillance WearMicro Ear Communication System

Our Micro Ear Communication System is the new generation of covert communication. The first in the world, a complete 2-way communication system with a unique wireless receiver in the ear. There are no wires between the receiver (in the ear) and the radio—it is the ultimate for covert operations.

This latest (in the ear) receiver offers:

Automatic Squelch Circuit

The receiver remains totally silent if no speech signal appears.

Automatic Gain Control [AGC)

Equalizes the irregularities of the magnetic field to maintain a steady signal.

Location of Components Noise Filter
Cancels background noise and enhances speech to give clearer reception even in difficult situations.

Volume Control

Gives the option to adjust the volume level appropriately to suit the situation.

The unit is extremely small and can be worn comfortably and invisibly in the ear canal.
This is a complete system. It includes everything you need to conduct a 2-way instant communication.

Micro Ear CommunicationSystem includes :
- 1 Receiver (in the ear)
- 1 Induction Coil
- 1 Mini Mic and mounting accessories
- 1 Control switch (talk and listen)
- 2 Motorola 2-way radios (2 units)
- 1 Cleaning kit

Micro Ear Communication System
Item : LAW-001
----------------- U.S. $ 2700.00
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Video GlassesCovert Surveillance Video Glasses

This top quality camera is completely self contained built into the nose frame and features high quality Video resolution and low light ability. A cord that looks like a sun glass safety cord carries the video signal to a unique and small black box that can be easily concealed in one's back or pocket.

Video GlassesIt has an optional Audio capability as we include a Pro Quality external microphone that may be connected to a Mini VCR recorder separately from the glasses .

Captured video can be recorded in real time to a portable video recorder (optional). With our solution you'll have a complete self contained full Color or b/w covert surveillance video glasses recording system.

Available in regular or Sunglass style (please mention choice in the comments area of the Cart).

High resolution, 0.2 Lux , wide angle.

Video Glasses   
Video Glasses (B+W)
Item: 2024-1
-------------------$ 3200.00
Video Glasses (Color)
Item: 2024-2
-------------------$ 3400.00
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VCR Wireless Link
Item: 2024-B
------------------------- $ 490.00
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   VCR Wireless Link


Mini Video Recorder   

Pocket VCR Mini Video Recorder
* Model may change without notice.
Item: 2024-A
----------------------- $1295.00
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Spy Gear

Video to PC - WirelessVideo To PC - Wireless

This is a 2.4 Ghz wireless technology computer based surveillance package that transmits remote video to a PC through the walls and between the rooms . The special antenna is designed to reduces interference and provides high gain for superb picture quality.

Plug And Play

It is a complete package that includes a camera transmitter and a receiver. The receiver comes with a USB grabber to be connected to the USB port of your PC. It is simply plug-and-play. The receiver can draw the power from the PC and spares the trouble of a DC adapter.

The camera ( Black & White) & transmitter operates on 4 AA size batteries. This makes the camera transmitter portable and you can take video anywhere and display it on the PC. One PC can be used with 4 camera transmitters at different locations for simultaneous surveillance. Transmitting distance is up to 1,000 feet. Comes complete with a video software compatible with windows 95 & up.

This system makes it very simple to send remote real-time video to the PC and for any Web-based application. It is ideal for PC and Web-base wireless surveillance, baby monitoring , video conference, multimedia , and much more. The possibilities are unlimited.

Note: actual look may vary slightly with new models .

** Requires a PC with USB port.

Video To PC - Wireless
Item : 2024-4 ----------------- U.S $ 390.95
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Spy Gear

900 MHz Receiver / Monitor900 MHz Receiver / Monitor

This is a 900 MHz receiver & Monitor all in one!

Will receive any of our 900Mhz. cameras signal straight in to this compact unit.

Has a video & audio connections for VCR.

This is a complete PACKAGE

* Actual look may vary as new models are available.


900 MHz Receiver / Monitor
Item : 2012-4 ------------- U.S $ 495.00
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Spy Gear

Pager CameraWireless Pager Camera

This all-in-one wireless pager cam features a top quality B+W camera and a 900Mhz. transmitter - all housed in a standard looking pager. Runs on a single 9 volt transistor battery. Range is up to 1200 feet . Will work with any VCR / Monitor or with our portable Z Box-Mini VCR Portable Video Recorder (Located on this page).

- Plug And Play Package -

Comes complete with :

-Camera (B+W) | Transmitter | Receiver | Antennas | Battery pack (12V)

Easy connection.

* Actual look may vary with new models


Wireless Pager Camera
Item: 2024-6 ------------------------ $ 740.95
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Spy Gear

Miniature Wireless Video CameraMiniature Wireless Video Camera

A fully functional world smallest wireless sub miniature video camera that transmit up to a maximum of 700 ft. with optional (included) audio capability (a mic. that plugs to the Video recorder (VCR) However, it is NOT built into the camera.

This is a complete package

Size : 1x1/2 inches , this MiniCam is the smallest and is the first video cameras to use a low-cost power-saving technology.

The tiny camera transmits video to a 900 MHZ receiver (included).
Powered by a standard 9V Battery. Camera and transmitter all in one housing !

Package Includes :
1) Miniature Color Camera .
2) 900 Mhz. Transmitter / Receiver .
3) 9V Battery connector .
4) Audio - special high gain external microphone - it comes separate from the camera (plugs in to the VCR) .
5) Power adapter .

* Actual look of the camera may slightly change from time to time .


Miniature Wireless Video Camera
Item: 2012-2 ----------------------- $ 750.00
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Spy Gear

TransmitterReceiverMicro UHF room Transmitter --
This is a complete package. Its looks can be deceiving ! These professional units include a powerful transmitter (bug) and Receiver .

TRANSMITTER - This powerful little device has a 5 day battery life and can be concealed almost anywhere. It will pick up the slightest whisper from up to 40 feet away and transmit to our UHF receiver with amazing clarity up to a distance of 600 meters. - Dimentions : 6.5 cm. x 3 cm. x 1 cm.

RECEIVER - About the size of a cigarette pack, this is a state of the art two channel UHF receiver. Recently upgraded, its sensitivity is incredible. It is capable of receiving the signal from our UHF transmitter for long range use with amazing clarity. A recorder can be connected to the receiver so the user can record all conversations and listen, too.

Transmitter and receiver are built inside a strong metal case.

Please Note: This item is NOT available to U.S. residents , all others please check the regulations in your country BEFORE ordering.

Micro UHF Room Transmitter / Receiver
Item : 2027----------------------------- U.S. $ 1,370.00
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Spy Gear

Telephone TransmitterVHF - Telephone Transmitter

Full Package

This professional telephone transmitter (has 3 channels) is disguised as a common dual modular adapter.
It transmits up to 500 meters on VHF channels.
Set it into the modular jack by one touch.
It uses the phone line for its power source.
No battery or external antenna needed!

Both sides of the conversation are transmitted with clarity.

VHF Telephone ReceiverVHF Telephone Receiver

Transmitter works best with our state of the art VHF receiver. Receiver has 3-switchable channels. No distortion.

Note : Except Law enforcement agencies, This item is NOT available to U.S residents, all others please check with your local Customs Department.

VHF Telephone Transmitter
Item : 2027-1  (full package)
----------------------------- U.S $ 1,175.00
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Spy Gear

World Phone Satellite Uplink                      
Far from home no longer has to mean out of touch. Whether you are on a business trip or vacation with the new World Phone satellite telephone, you are never out of touch.

Just slip the laptop-sized phone into your briefcase and go!

Weighing only 5 lbs. it packs the power of instant global voice, fax and data communications, at your fingertips.

This phone can free you from the limits of cellular coverage and long confusing billing statements.

To place a call,  simply lift the World Phone's antenna, orient  unit toward the satellite and dial the number.

The World Phone links to the constellation of Inmarsat series 3, geostationary satellites and the mini-M service. Using concentrated spot beams provides a stronger signal. This allows you lower power consumption, a smaller antenna and a lighter weight phone.

World Phone:
Item : 3001 -------------------------------- U.S. $ 3,295.00
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