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Wrist Watch Camera
Pro Track 1 Digital Vehicle Tracking System
Peephole Reverser

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Laser Monitoring SystemLaser Monitoring System

A secret surveillance is necessary. However, the operator is not able to enter the target room in order to place a transmitter. The solution to the problem is our Laser Room Monitoring System. This system allows the operator to carry out an undetectable surveillance operation from outside the building with a range of up to about 500 meters.

The system consists of three parts: Laser Transmitter | Laser Receiver | Amplifier Unit with Audio-Recorder

This system is operated by transmitting an invisible IR-beam to the window of the target room. The window pane vibrates slightly, due to sound waves emanating from speech. The beam is reflected from the window pane according to the law of optics, ie. the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. The receiver picks up the reflected beam that is modulated by the window pane vibrations, and the optical signals are automatically converted into electronic signals. The picked up speech is now filtered, amplified and recorded. Both the transmitter and the receiver are built into standard single lens reflex cameras, allowing for perfect concealment. The complete system is supplied in a camera case incorporating amplifier, filters and recorder.

Laser Monitoring System illustrating Receiver and TransmitterTransmits and records sound wave vibrations which reflect off smooth-surface glass (single or double glass thermopane). Transmitter laser's angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection to the receiver. Rippled or grained glass will not provide a suitable reflecting surface from which to record.

Acoustic interference cause by interior and exterior sound wave reflections may be filtered and modulated by the system. The transmission may be fine-tuned by means of a modulated search tone or by adjusting the placement of the receiver. Tape recordings may be further edited at the user's option.

Technical Specifications
Laser Transmitter
Laser Type
Semi-conductor Laser
Emitted Wave Length
750 - 840 nm
Output Power
5 mW automatically controlled
Power Supply
8 x 1.5 V AAA battery external
Current Consumption
approx. 100 mA
Beam Focusing
135 mm
Target Finder
through lens
Connectors power supply
standard fitting for tripod
Operating Time
approx. 50 hours continuous
Other Features
switchable modulation, search tone
Laser Receiver
Receiver Unit
noiseless PIN-Diode
Wave Length
Power Supply
9v block battery
Current Consumption
10 - 30 mA
500 mm
Amplifier unit
connected by cable to Laser Receiver
Headphone, Recorder, Speaker
Voice Filter
Equalizer, adjustable
Operating Time
50 - 100 hours depending on adjusted volume
Transport Case
470x380x220 mm
10 Kg

Technical specifications subject to occasional updates

Laser Monitoring System
Item : LAW-002 ------------------------------ U.S. $ 45,000.00

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Spy Gear

Spy Phone
Remote Telephone Bug

Nokia Spy Phone Remote Telephone BugIt may look like a regular Nokia Cellular phone, however this Super technology goes beyond its standard capabilities.

It operates as a normal cellular phone - but when the phone is called in on a special "Spy" mode (from anywhere in the world) it will automatically answer without any ringing or lights coming on and the display stays the same as if it is on a "Standby Mode". While on the "Standby mode" it will pickup the sounds nearby and transmit them back to you (the caller).

Great for surveillance and covert operations.

The Spy Phone comes complete with all of its standard accessories, it is ready to do the job. All you have to do is to activate it as if you would activate any cellular phone.

- Talk Time: 3 to 4 Hours.
- Standby Time: up to 6 Days.
- Weight: 2.8 oz
- Technology: GSM standards for U.S - Europe - Asia.
- All standard accessories included.

NOTE : Except for Law Enforcement, this item is not available to U.S residents.

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Spy Phone - Questions and Answers

"You can leave the Spy Phone anywhere or give it to anyone"

Q : What is the coverage area / range of the phone?

A : The coverage area will be the same as any other standard cellular phones, it depends
on the cellular coverage provided by your local cellular phone company.
As for the range while on the Spy mode - you can call it from anywhere in the world.

Q : Which cellular company can activate the Spy Phone?

A : It depends on where you live - the Spy Phone works over the GSM network, for example in the United States the coverage is available through AT&T or T-Mobil.
The activation procedure is the same as for any other cellular phone.

Q : How sensitive is the microphone and how far from the phone can I hear?

A : The microphone is the same microphone that is used to make a normal conversation
located in the mouth piece of the phone. Though the microphone is very sensitive there
is no way to know how far can you hear, the general rule is that you can hear the same
as if someone "forgot" to press the END button on the keypad.

Q : Can the Spy Phone be used for an everyday use as a cellular phone?

A : Yes, you can call and receive calls just like any other cellular phones, it will ring normally and perform according to the original manufacturer specifications.

Q : Can you tell by holding the phone that it is a "special phone"?

A : No, there is no way to tell by holding it or using the Spy Phone that it has an
" Extra feature", it looks and feel just like a standard ordinary cellular phone.

Q : When the Spy Phone is busy, can I call it in to listen?

A : No, you will hear a busy signal or you will transfer to the voice mail.

Q : What happens when someone wants to make a call while I monitor the Spy Phone?

A : You will hear them dialing, hang up and let them finish the call.

Q : How long can I monitor the Spy Phone?

A : You are only limited by the phone's battery, while monitoring it is considered "talk time".

Q : Can I call from the Spy Phone to any other phone and listen to anyone's conversation?

A : No, if this is your understanding we suggest that you read the description again.

Q : What happens after I order?

A : This is a custom made order, it takes about 14 days for delivery. After you order we
will contact you and coordinate the exact cellular phone model you need depending
on your location.

** Our models are compatible with the GSM networks in the United States - Europe - & Asia.

Nokia Spy Phone Remote Telephone Bug


Spy Phone
Item : 2027-2 --------------- U.S. $ 2400.00
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Spy Gear

Electronic Vehicle Tracking System

Tracking ReceiverThe Electronic Vehicle Tracking System is a second generation computerized location system for Security, Surveillance and Law Enforcement operations. This system uses a discreet digital transmission method to provide the user with DISTANCE TO TARGET, DIRECTION TO TARGET, TARGET DIRECTION OF TRAVEL. The System features include Computerized Receiver with a high speed Intel processor, Superwist LCD Display with backlight controls, On-screen programming and on-screen instructions, Digitally encrypted signaling (confidential to owner), Virtually untraceable signaling for security operations, Tracking TransmitterDisplays distance to target in feet (3 to 50,000), Display ID Code of your target transmitter, Tracking range is up to 5 miles line of sight, Internal Gel Cell Battery with Home & Vehicle Chargers, Rugged aluminum case with water resistant controls, Internal audible alert with auto/manual controls, Magnetic vehicle antenna and hand-held directional antennas are standard. System includes transmitter. Additional transmitters available @$1,900 each.
Size: 8.5" x 5.6" x 2.5"
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
12 Volt Rechargeable Gel Cell
32 Character LCD Backlit display
Menu includes : Select Transmitter ID to track
Select Air or Land Tracking
Displays *Transmitter ID Code (16.7 million available)
*Distance in Feet *Signal received
*High or Low Gain detection *Tracking Instructions
*Displays Target Direction (N,S,E,W,NE,NW,SE,SW)
Size: 4.2" x 3.1" x 1.5"
Weight: 5 ozs.
Water resistant ABC case
Flexible 10" Antenna
Digital Compass transmits 8 directions
Velcro,Nylon tie, or adhesive attachment
Replaceable 9 volt battery pack

Magnet Mount
Hand-Held Directional Antenna

Electronic Vehicle Tracking System
Model: OS 003 ----------------------------- US $2,500.00
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Spy Gear

Pro Track 1 Digital Vehicle Tracking SystemPro Track GPS
Digital Vehicle Tracking System

Covert Vehicle Tracking by Global Positioning System.

Vehicle Location, Tracking and Navigation are increasingly becoming an integral part of running an efficient and safe operation. Covert vehicle tracking can now be accomplished from the privacy of your computer using the new PRO TRAK-GPS Satellite system. This is military technology that is now available to the public.

Plug And Play

This is a complete system ready to do the job.

Just attach the transmitter in to place, install the software with the included U.S / Canada special road map and you are ready to view LIVE the location of the vehicle as it travels through the streets and roads. Any LapTop or PC computer running Windows 95 and above will do.

The PRO TRAK-GPS consists of a GPS Receiver and Cellular Modem, which is fastened to the target vehicle with two strong magnets. A GPS "Puck" antenna attaches with Velcro to the underside of the bumper cover and a miniature magnet mount cellular antenna fastens to the frame.

Power is supplied by a field replaceable battery pack which will power the system for approximately 5 days.

Since many surveillance operations can last a week or more two replaceable battery packs are included with each system. These packs contain 8 "C" Alkaline cells, which can be easily replaced. In order to conserve power the control center can be programmed to contact the vehicle at specific times to get a location, the information than will be stored for future reference. You can continuously track the vehicle if needed but that may reduce battery life.

Additional transmitters may be added should you need to track more targets with the base computer.

  • GPS vehicle tracking over the cellular telephone network.
  • Automatic or manual activation and dial-out to anywhere!
  • Dial-in mode for vehicle tracking and control.
  • Fully integrated single vendor software/hardware system. No infrastructure - just a PC and a modem.
  • Automatic display of vehicles on an easy to read map.
Pro Track GPS
Item: 2031-2-------------------------------- U.S. $ 3,500.00
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Spy Gear

Super Ear

The Super Ear Sound Enhancer works like binoculars for your ears.
It increases your ability to hear the sounds around you - indoors and out.

Spy on a sensitive conversation. State of the art parabolic circuitry provides hands-free listening
and even clips to binoculars (binoculars not
included). It delivers a full 50+db of sound gain. 
Measures 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 3/4.

Comes complete with earphones and binocular mounting clip (binocular not included). One year warranty.

Super Ear
Item : 2005 ------------------------------------ U.S. $ 78.95
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Spy Gear

Bionic Ear

The Bionic Ear is a battery operated (one 9 volt) professional sound amplifier. You can zoom in on a whisper up to 100 yards away, a door shutting at 4 blocks or even a dog barking up to 2 miles away. Unit comes complete with headphones, wrist straps, 12 inch parabolic dish “BIONIC BOOSTER” and Omni-directional microphone to increase the power, clarity & directionality while eliminating much of the surrounding background noises.

Used for surveillance by law enforcement officials. Other features include automatic muting of loud sounds and 3.5 mm (mini jack) output which can be connected to a tape recorder for high powered microphone recording.

Unlike some other vendors, we sell the Bionic Ear as a complete set which includes all of its component options, ready to operate.

Bionic Ear
Item : 2026-----------------U.S. $ 198.95
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Spy Gear

Automatic 5HR Recorder

This deluxe telephone recorder can also de-code numbers as they were dialed. It has a built-in LED so that playback gives you a complete recording including phone numbers dialed out while you were gone!

The recording starts automatically as soon as someone picks up the phone. Can be plugged into any extension of the same phone line and records silently  up to 5hrs. (2 1/2 hrs. each side). The recorder has a caller ID built in.

Uses standard audio cassette tapes.

Shipped complete and ready to do the job with a power supply adapter or batteries (not included).

This is the affordable way to get a professional and accurate record of all phone conversations.

Automatic 5HR Recorder
Item : 2010----------------- U.S. $ 249.95
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Spy Gear

Telephone TransmitterVHF - Telephone Transmitter

Full Package

This professional telephone transmitter (has 3 channels) is disguised as a common dual modular adapter. It transmits up to 500 meters on VHF channels.

Set it into the modular jack with one touch—it uses the phone line for its power source. No battery or external antenna is needed!

VHF Telephone ReceiverBoth sides of the conversation are transmitted with clarity.

VHF Telephone Receiver

Transmitter works best with our state of the art VHF receiver. Receiver has 3 switchable channels. No distortion.

Note : Except Law enforcement agencies, This item is NOT available to U.S residents, all others please check with your local Customs Department.

VHF Telephone Transmitter
Item : 2027-1   (full package)
--------------------------------------------------- U.S $ 1,175.00
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Spy Gear

TransmitterReceiverMicro UHF room Transmitter

This is a complete package. Its looks can be deceiving ! These professional units include a powerful transmitter (bug) and Receiver .

TRANSMITTER - This powerful little device has a 5 day battery life and can be concealed almost anywhere. It will pick up the slightest whisper from up to 40 feet away and transmit to our UHF receiver with amazing clarity up to a distance of 600 meters. - Dimentions : 6.5 cm. x 3 cm. x 1 cm.

RECEIVER - About the size of a cigarette pack, this is a state of the art two channel UHF receiver. Recently upgraded, its sensitivity is incredible. It is capable of receiving the signal from our UHF transmitter for long range use with amazing clarity. A recorder can be connected to the receiver so the user can record all conversations and listen, too.

Transmitter and receiver are built inside a strong metal case.

Please Note: This item is NOT available to U.S. residents , all others please check the regulations in your country BEFORE ordering.

Micro UHF Room Transmitter / Receiver
Item : 2027----------------------------- U.S. $ 1,370.00
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Spy Gear

Tele Monitor 2000

This sophisticated audio monitoring device utilizes advanced logic-chip technology and enables you to discreetly listen in on your premises via regular telephone lines from any telephone in the world!

The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires no activating beeper or whistle and does not affect normal incoming and outgoing calls. This unit also offers unprecedented capability and flexibility by allowing up to 4 units per line.

Tele-Monitor 2000's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper up to 35 feet away. To monitor, just dial your phone number from any tone telephone (limited to 5 minutes of monitoring). To extend the time you need only to press a number from your telephone keypad.

Size : 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1"

This is a completely self-contained unit with no actual telephone required.
It comes equipped with modular plugs for instant connection to telephone jacks and needs no batteries.

Tele Monitor 2000
Item : 3009 ----------------------------------- U.S. $ 379.95
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Spy Gear

Wrist Watch CameraWrist Watch Camera

This is not a device from a James Bond movie, but a real sophisticated still video camera disguised as a watch. Developed for intelligence agencies and now available to you, the Wrist Watch Camera is a state-of-the-art Micro-Technology Machine.

Just tilt your wrist, flip up the sight and click the perfect shot. No more missed opportunities. 8M SDRAM allows storage of up to 26 VGA high resolution 350,000 pixel pictures. With auto exposure, auto white balance, edge detection with enhancement and back light compensation you'll get a great picture every time. You can even upload images to a Palm PDA. Everything you need to upload images to your PC or PDA is included. Includes Digital Camera with heavy duty silicon and stainless steel wristband and Ulead Photo Express software. One AAA battery not included. Never miss another candid photo op with the Digital Wrist Watch Camera.

If you need to collect evidence, proof or discreetly take snap shots then this is the ultimate spy machine.

This color display digital wristwatch camera is extraordinary:

  • Images are displayable on your PC in 16.7M (24-bit) color
  • Capture stills indoors and outdoors, in bright or dim light.
  • A real working watch as well
  • Comes complete with a USB wire link and a CD Rom so you can transfer and save the pictures into your computer.
Works both as digital camera and web cam
Instantly download and upload images to the web
Stylish and compact, take it anywhere
Includes high-value imaging software
Easy to set up and operate via USB interface
Affordable and economical
Camera for PC/PDA/Notebook
Easy to view and save picture
Image size: 350,000 pixels, VGA resolution
Lens type: fixed glass lens
Color: 16.7M (24-bit)
Storage: 8M SDRAM, up to 26 pictures
*U-Lead Photo Express
*Microtek Eyestar Mail
*Bridgewell Page ABC
Sensing Area: 1/3" CMOS
Focal length 6.2mm
Back focal length 4.08mm
Flange Back Length 2.65mm
F no. 2.8
Optical Distortion -1.2%
Iris Fixed
Full Field Angle 56
Diameter (Thread) M12 x 0.5 Pitch
   Length and Weight: 8.2mm / 5g
Lens Construction: 4 components, 4 elements , Glass
Image size - 350,000 VGA resolution
Color 16.7M (24bit)
Storage 8M SDRAM, up to 26 pictures
Video Transmission Speed
*30frames/sec @ CIF (352x288)
*10~15 frame /sec @VGA (640x480)
Compression JPEGx / DCT based compression
Software Ulead photo express
PDA support Palm PDA OS 4.0
Operating Temp. 0~40 C
Storage Temp -20~75 C
PC/PDA interface USB
Power 1 x AAA Battery (not included)
Video Capture 320x240,160x120,352x288,176x144
Image Processing
*Auto Exposure
*Auto White Balance
*Edge Detection and Enhancement
*Back Light Compensation
Weight 55g / 2 oz.
Dimensions 58 x 54 x 21 (mm) / 2.25" x 2.15" x 0.85"

Wrist Watch Camera
Item : 2007-WWC-------------------------- U.S. $ 489.00
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Spy Gear

Key Snoop Computer Surveillance DeviceComputer Surveillance -
Computer Snooper

Extremely versatile product which can be used to monitor computer use in the home or office.

This device records keystrokes and stores them in its memory module, yet looks like a keyboard cable adapter. One end of the Snooper plugs into the keyboard socket on the back of the target computer. The other end plugs into the end of the keyboard cable. The small size of this device combined with the fact that it attaches to the back of the computer make it extremely inconspicuous.

Plug and Play

Easier to install than software.
- Can be installed on a system where the password is unknown.
- Can be used to record on one computer and read out on another.
- Use with any PC operating system (Windows, OS2, Linux, Free BSD, etc.)
- Records everything, even BIOS passwords, where software loggers have not even started running yet.
- Uses no system resources.

Don't be fooled by its size. It has the ability to store more than 8,000 keystrokes!

Computer Snooper
Item : 5001 ----------------------------------- U.S. $ 280.95
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Spy Gear

Peephole ReverserPeephole Reverser

Developed to assist law enforcement officials to assess potential threats or activity behind closed doors, these units are now available to the public. Simply place the lens over the peephole and you can see into the room without alerting anyone inside by negating the peephole's lens.

- Easy to use
- Compatible with most common peepholes
- Weatherproof composite casing
- High quality custom-designed precision ground glass lens
- Length: 2.7" weight: 1.5 oz

Peephole Reverser
Item : 2004-3 ----------------------------------- U.S. $ 90.00
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Spy Gear

Envelope X-ray Spray      

Envelope X-RAY Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, allowing the user to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening.  30 seconds after application, the envelope will return to its' original state, leaving absolutely no markings, discoloration or other indications of use. Each can treats several hundred square inches.

Non-flammable, non-conductive and non-photochemically reactive. Environmentally-friendly (contains no Freon). 

Net weight: 8 oz. 

WARNING: Not to be used on U.S. Mail, except by or with the express permission of the addressee. Cannot ship by Air.

Envelope X-ray Spray
Item : 2035 ------------------------------------- U.S. $ 55.00
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