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Super Sweep 2000
Cellular Scrambler

Cellular Voice Encryption Scrambler

The Cellular Voice Encryption scrambler is a snap-on to the dataport of an Ericsson cellular phone (included) working over the GSM network.

Simple in operation, it uses the 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm which is the most advanced encryption standard for voice communication, even more advanced than the DES standard.

Transparent operation, no action required by user.

Military strength - offers voice protection against virtually all determined listeners.

High level encryption process with new key draw for each session [Asymmetric Public Key Cryptography (Diffie-Hellman) for key exchanging and Symmetric block cipher (AES) algorithm for session encryption].

End-to-end secure voice and data communications over GSM networks.

Attaches to any Ericsson T28, T39, T65, T68, R520 and T68i, T200, T300, T310, T610 .

EFR voice quality.

Seamless operation.

Super efficient implementation of encryption algorithms for minimum impact on battery life.


Ultra light weight.

** Price per unit - 2 units are needed (one at each side of the conversation).

Cellular Voice Encryption
Item : 2001 ------------- U.S. $ 2200.00
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OSC - 5000 ------------------------------
Designed for professionals, it is called the Omni Spectral Correlator
the most technologically advanced counter surveillance package on the market today!  Silently monitors and detects threats 24 hours a day, automatically. OSCOR-5000 is a portable micro-computer controlled scanning spectral correlator.

The OSC will scan from Audio (50Hz-15KHz), Radio VLF-Microwave (10KHz-3000Mhz) to Infrared (850-1070 nm) and utilize passive sound-pattern matching to automatically recognize a surveillance device. In the automatic mode, the unit will continuously scan all bands for acoustic pattern correlation and then alert you to the presence of a surveillance device with either a silent or audible alert.


Similar to human hearing, this system instantly recognizes complex sound patterns arriving from both the REFERENCE and received audio channels. Most room environments contain many "passive" sounds like air conditioners, computers, talking, etc. The OSC searches for an acoustic pattern match between the room passive REFERENCE sounds and any identical information received while scanning to provide you with a positive I.D.,  without alerting the eavesdropper.

One button decision, silently listens, captures the weakest signals, sensitive, fast, accurate, sweep, acquire, demodulated close-up, correlation and threat - summary now TSCM teams can have the best mix of a Digital Spectrum Analyzer, Switched Antenna Array, Silent Sound Correlator and Custom Software all in a compact portable carry-on package. Sweep teams can benefit by using OSCOR to save time or man power.
Let OSCOR run automatically while you're doing the physical search, then verify any high threats or overlap by again using the manual mode.
Designed specifically for technical surveillance countermeasure testing.
Application specific software with plug in program key.
Rechargeable battery or 120/220 VAC power. memory "snapshots" of displayed data can be saved and reviewed.
Single button selection of automatic or manual modes.
SPECIFICATIONS: RF System: RF Frequency coverage: 10 kHz - 3000 MHz, tuning resolution 100 Hz, demodulations: AM, FMW, FMN, FM SC, SSB, CW. Video Wideband output optional. Infrared Detector: 10 kHz - 5 MHz, 850 - 1070 nm. Printer: 192 Dot, internal battery 12.6 V, 2.2 Ah. Size: 18.5X14.5X6.25 in, or 47 X 37 X 16 cm. Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 KG). AC input - 105-260 VAC. OPERATION MANUAL available in English or Russian. Overnight shipping available.
Omni Spectral Correlator OSCOR-5000 - the most technologically advanced counter surveillance package on the market today!

OSC - 5000:
Item : 3003 -----------------------------  U.S. $ 19,500.00

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Option Package:
DELUXE Package includes OVM-5000, OVP-5000, OAR-5000, OTL-5000, MPA-5000, CLA-5000, LPE-5000, MIC-5000, and MPC-5000. Overnight shipping available.
Option Package Cost : $2,000
Details of Deluxe Package:
* VIDEO Option Multi Formats allows the OSCOR to provide viewing of video signals. Used for detection of covert surveillance cameras. Supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Includes a video demodulator circuit board that must be installed in the OSCOR main unit and two video monitors that fit inside the OSCOR storage Compartment.
* Video Patch Cord that allows received video signals to be fed directly into an alternate video monitor or a video recorder. Video output is provided in a standard RCA plug.
* Audio Recorder with Cable: Audio micro-cassette recorder that connects directly into the connector tray to use the OSCOR audio recorder functions.
* Extra Memory 512 K: Increases the OSCOR signal storage capability from 7,168 signals to 28,672.
* Triangulate and Locate Option: This option utilizes a patented ranging process to triangulate on the location of an eavesdropping device.
* IF Output (10.7 MHz): OSCOR Intermediate Frequency Output provides an IF output at 10.7 MHz for detailed signal analysis.
* Modular Phone Adaptor provides easy access to telephone conductors for testing. Universal connector works for 2, 4, 6, & 8 conductor telephone systems.
* Cigarette Lighter Adaptor provides DC input to power the OSCOR from an automobile cigarette lighter.
* Locator Probe Extension Cable: BNC cable that is identical to the locator probe cable. Comes with barrel connector and provides extension for the Locator Probe.
* Microphone for Remote Monitoring used with the standard OSCOR cables to provide a remote microphone input.

* Multi-Purpose Cables: 12 Cable with 3.5mm male and 3.5mm female connectors. Used to extend Loop Antenna range, OSCOR Telephone Coupler and options.

OSC - 5000:
Item : 3003 -----------------------------  U.S. $ 19,500.00

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Bug Guard - Click to OrderThe Bug Guard




With Bug Guard, you will always know when and if someone is bugging your premises with any type of listening device and or hidden video. Just turn on the unit in the room you would like to check for hidden listening device, and you will know right away if the room has any listening device and or hidden video planted.

If the numbers on the unit stops at 398.60 and stays at that number, the room probably has a UHF type listening device planted. If the numbers stops at 86.5 or somewhere in between 86.5 and 110, the room probably has an FM listening device planted. If the numbers stops somewhere in between 900 and 2,400, the room probably has a wireless video hidden in the room and is transmitting video of yourself to another room.

Bug Guard gives you peace of mind knowing that your important information is secured and will always be secured. Practical for any size business or for personal use.

Pocket size, fits in your palm.

Solid quality, reliable, super simple to use.

Statistics shows that 70% of companies that are bugged by a competitor without being detected goes bankrupt in 24 months or less.

Size 3 1/2" x 3"w x 1.25". One year Warranty

Bug Guard:
Model CS004 ------------ U.S. $ 275.00
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Super Sweep 2000 Super Sweep 2000

Used by law enforcement and private investigators, this Counter surveillance Probe/Monitor provides five of the "most desired sweep functions" in one package.



Super Sweep 2000:
Item : 2003-3 ------------ U.S. $ 2800.00
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1. R.F. probe "sniffs" your environment for hidden phone, room or body bugs, remote signals, computer, Fax or Telex transmitters, video transmitters, pulsed tracking transmitters, and even wide band frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

2. V.L.F. probe tests your A.C. outlets, phone lines or suspicious wires for very low frequency "carrier current" signs.

3. Auxiliary audio input allows you to listen to telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass and "infinity" bugs, also unknown wires and cables can be tested for wired microphones.

4. After a sweep, the alarm monitor guards against new devices brought in, remote control activation, or someone tamper-ing with your equipment.

5. The 24-hour "evidence" recording output will store suspicious sounds on a standard cassette recorder while you are away.

DETECT AND LOCATE quickly and silently all major categories of electronic surveillance, including: • Room, phone, and body bugs that are transmitting your conversations • Video transmitters watching your every move • Vehicle tracking beepers giving away your location • Infinity bugs, hook switch bypass or reversals "turned-on" to your conversations

• Wired microphones listening inside a wall • Computer, Fax or Telex transmitters "reading" your information • Tempest leakage.

*Even at high security levels where a spectrum analyzer may be employed, the CPM is an invaluable tool for detecting ultra-sophisticated frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

THE ALARM MONITOR MODE protects you after a sweep by continuously checking for: New devices brought in • Remote control activation • Nearby two-way communications • Phone line tampering.


RECORD ON TAP while you are away, storing evidence on: • Sounds of an eavesdropper installing a bug or tap • Noises of an intruder "snooping" in your office • Unauthorized usage of your equipment.


• Rapid detection and location of electronic surveillance devices

• Ease of operation, highly effective with limited training

• Silent covert detection and location "gives you the advantage’

• High R.F. sensitivity can locate a bug as low as 1 microwatt

• Total spectrum coverage from 200 Hz to over 3 GHz with no holes or gaps

• Active R.F. and V.L.F. probes "pump" signals for lower noise and more sensitivity

• Optional probe extensions allow unit to monitor remote locations

• Balanced high gain audio input with AGC and filter

• "Compressed" bargraph covers 6 ranges

• Status display shows operating conditions

• Fully adjustable pulsing L.C.D. segment indicates alarm trip point

• Selectable silent/tone alarm output

• Powered by alkaline or optional nicad battery includes A.C. adaptor/charger

This is a complete package :

Comes complete in a professional carrying case with all of its accessories.

• Self-instruction and example tape included.



Super Sweep 2000:
Item : 2003-3 ------------ U.S. $ 2800.00
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Acoustical Jammer

There are many excellent devices to secure your phone calls. But to secure your room conversation you will need the Acoustical Privacy Jammer. This device will protect you instantly from a “bug” even if it was not previously detected.
It works by generating unfilterable random white noise. This desensitizes any microphone - based eavesdropping. The Jammer also protects you from tape recorders, shotgun mics, wired devices, microwave and laser pickups.
All the eavesdropper hears is a loud hiss.

Plug & Play

- This is a complete package -

Acoustical Jammer
Item : 2021 ----------------- U.S. $ 275.95
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