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Cellular Scrambler
Super Sweep 2000

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World Phone
Satellite Link Telephone

Far from home no longer has to mean out of touch.
Whether you are on a business trip or vacation with the new World Phone satellite link telephone, you are never out of touch.

Just slip the laptop-sized phone into your briefcase and go!

Weighing only 5 lbs. it packs the power of instant global voice, fax and data communications, at your fingertips.

This phone can free you from the limits of cellular coverage and long confusing billing statements.

To place a call,  simply lift the World Phone's antenna, orient  unit toward the satellite and dial the number.

The World Phone links to the constellation of Inmarsat series 3, geostationary satellites and the mini-M service. Using concentrated spot beams provides a stronger signal. This allows you lower power consumption, a smaller antenna and a lighter weight phone.

World Phone:
Item : 3001 ---------- U.S. $ 3,295
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It's The Ultimate Portable Satellite Telephone.
Wherever your travels take you, with the new Satellite Phone you're never out of touch. Packing the power of instant global voice, fax, and data communication, the satellite telephone is about the size of a notebook computer and it weighs about 5 pounds, meaning the WORLD PHONE will easily go anywhere. And, using the satellite telephone is as easy as placing a phone call from your home or office. Operation cost: $2.99 per minute, pre paid by credit card or check. Taking advantage of the Inmarsat-3 satellite system's mini-M, spot-beam technology, the Satellite Phone is more powerful and reliable than its predecessors. The combination of portability, price, and performance will bring mobile satellite communications within reach of anyone whose passion or profession takes them over the horizon.


Far from home no longer has to mean out of touch. WORLD PHONE slips easily into your briefcase or carry-on bag. Its powerful satellite communication technology offers more than conventional cellular or PCS--because it lets you place and receive voice, fax, and data calls from all over the globe.


Designed to roam the planet with international business people, world travelers, geological survey teams, remote field crews, scientists and explorers, WORLD PHONE provides vital communications for search and rescue, disaster relief teams, emergency agencies, and other applications. Satellite Phone is an indispensable traveling companion wherever your business or personal journeys take you. No longer are you limited by ordinary telecommunication systems which may be inconvenient, expensive, or simply out of reach. With The World Phone you're always in touch.


Satellite Phone links to the constellation of INMARSAT series 3, geostationary satellites and the mini-M service. Concentrated spot beams provide a stronger signal--allowing lower power consumption, a smaller antenna and a light weight phone. To place a call, simply lift the Satellite Phone's antenna. Orient the unit toward the appropriate satellite. Then dial the number and speak using the integrated handset or hands-free speakerphone. An innovative pre-paid billing system covers calls at a simple, low per-minute rate, without the hassle of monthly statements.


SatellitePhone includes everything you need to make voice calls, as well as send and receive faxes or e-mail. You can even transfer files or link to the Internet from your notebook computer. Additional accessories further expand its capability. Optional SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) cards let multiple users share one WORLD PHONE, while maintaining separate phone books and billing accounts.

Standard Functions:


Fax 2.4 kbps Group III
Data 2.4 kbps
SIM Card compatible
Handsfree mode
Telephone book for 99 numbers
Large graphical backlit LCD display
8 lines X 40 characters/line

Size and weight: 10.2"(w) x 10.2"(d) x 2.2"(h)
(260mm x 260mm x 57mm)
Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

Power: DC input 10-32 V
Power consumption: Transmit 12 W, Standby: 0,5W.

AC/DC converter: AC: 100-240 V, 47-63 Hz

Battery: NiMH

Battery life:
Standby: up to 50 hours
Talk: up to 3.5 hours

Environmental conditions:
Storage: -50°C - +80°C
Telephone unit: -25°C - + 55°C, 40°C 95% humidity (non condensing)
Antenna unit: -35°C - +55°C, 40°C 95% humidity (non condensing)

1626.5 to 1660.5 Mhz (transmitting)
1525.0 to 1559.0 Mhz (receiving)

External Interfaces:
RJ11: Standard DTMF phone, cordless basestation or PABX
RJ11: Standard DTMF phone, cordless basestation, PABS or fax machine (default)
DB9, RS-232C: Data communication, printer or software download
SIM card interface
Antenna plug
Power connector

G/T, EIRP and Antenna gain:
Antenna (4 patch) Gain: Tx 13.0dB Rx 12.5 dB RHCP
G/T= -17 dBK
EIRP: +17 dBW

Bit rates/modulation:
Voice channel: 5.6 kbits/s,O-QPSK
Speech coded rate: 4.8 kbits/s (AMBE)
Fax 2.4 kbits/s
Data: 2.4 kbits/s

Super-compact, easily carried
anywhere 6.8" x11.3" x 2.8"
(17.3cm x 28.7cm x 7.1cm)

Extremely lightweight, only 5.5 lbs. (2.5 kg)
High quality, durable impact-resistant copolymer and die-cast aluminum construction
Maximum voice quality: 6.4 kbps digital
3 interface ports: voice (RJ11), fax (RJ11), data port (RS 232; 9-pin)
Unique integrated hinged antenna
Meets Inmarsat-M SDM for portable MES
Power input: 10-16 VDC
Power consumption: 65 watts transmit, 10 watts receive
G/T: -12 dB/K
Operating temperature:
-13°F to +131°F (-25°C to +55°C)

World Phone:
Item : 3001 ------------------- U.S. $ 3,295
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Spy Gear

Super Sweep 2000 Super Sweep 2000

Used by law enforcement and private investigators, this Counter surveillance Probe/Monitor provides five of the "most desired sweep functions" in one package.



Super Sweep 2000:
Item : 2003-3 ------------ U.S. $ 2800.00
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1. R.F. probe "sniffs" your environment for hidden phone, room or body bugs, remote signals, computer, Fax or Telex transmitters, video transmitters, pulsed tracking transmitters, and even wide band frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

2. V.L.F. probe tests your A.C. outlets, phone lines or suspicious wires for very low frequency "carrier current" signs.

3. Auxiliary audio input allows you to listen to telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass and "infinity" bugs, also unknown wires and cables can be tested for wired microphones.

4. After a sweep, the alarm monitor guards against new devices brought in, remote control activation, or someone tamper-ing with your equipment.

5. The 24-hour "evidence" recording output will store suspicious sounds on a standard cassette recorder while you are away.

DETECT AND LOCATE quickly and silently all major categories of electronic surveillance, including: • Room, phone, and body bugs that are transmitting your conversations • Video transmitters watching your every move • Vehicle tracking beepers giving away your location • Infinity bugs, hook switch bypass or reversals "turned-on" to your conversations

• Wired microphones listening inside a wall • Computer, Fax or Telex transmitters "reading" your information • Tempest leakage.

*Even at high security levels where a spectrum analyzer may be employed, the CPM is an invaluable tool for detecting ultra-sophisticated frequency hopping or "burst" bugs.

THE ALARM MONITOR MODE protects you after a sweep by continuously checking for: New devices brought in • Remote control activation • Nearby two-way communications • Phone line tampering.


RECORD ON TAP while you are away, storing evidence on: • Sounds of an eavesdropper installing a bug or tap • Noises of an intruder "snooping" in your office • Unauthorized usage of your equipment.


• Rapid detection and location of electronic surveillance devices

• Ease of operation, highly effective with limited training

• Silent covert detection and location "gives you the advantage’

• High R.F. sensitivity can locate a bug as low as 1 microwatt

• Total spectrum coverage from 200 Hz to over 3 GHz with no holes or gaps

• Active R.F. and V.L.F. probes "pump" signals for lower noise and more sensitivity

• Optional probe extensions allow unit to monitor remote locations

• Balanced high gain audio input with AGC and filter

• "Compressed" bargraph covers 6 ranges

• Status display shows operating conditions

• Fully adjustable pulsing L.C.D. segment indicates alarm trip point

• Selectable silent/tone alarm output

• Powered by alkaline or optional nicad battery includes A.C. adaptor/charger

This is a complete package :

Comes complete in a professional carrying case with all of its accessories.

• Self-instruction and example tape included.



Super Sweep 2000:
Item : 2003-3 ------------ U.S. $ 2800.00
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Spy Gear

Pro Encryption SystemPro Encryption System

Provides a convenient and reliable way to protect your most sensitive phone conversations including:

Voice - Fax - Data - all in one!

Not much bigger than a handheld calculator and extremely lightweight. You can carry it with you whenever you anticipate the need for confidential phone calls . This top of the line Telephone Device uses a digital encryption process with a level of 128 bits Triple DES - renders your conversation inaccessible to wiretapping. This encryption device uses a high level industrial grade proprietary algorithm to encrypt Voice, Fax & Data signals.

Easy to use, your phone call is automatically encrypted (requires one device for each party on line).


Secure voice communication when connected to any analog telephone
Secure automatic fax communication for any fax machine
Secure point-to-point file transfer when connected to computers
Secure simultaneous voice and data (SVD) when connected to telephones and computers
Secure computer files for safe storage in any computer, network or on the Internet
Secure e-mail attachments
Secure voice teleconferencing utilizing multi-line telephones and Pro Encryption units

Secure Voice Communication
connects to ordinary telephone lines, allowing easy encryption of voice communication.

File Storage
provides a simple method of encrypting your computer files.
Select, encrypt and save files through the Pro Encryption to insure that your important information is kept confidential. The encrypted files can be stored on the computer, any network or on the Internet.


Telephone or Fax Connection: RJ-11C
Computer Interface: DB9 Serial connector
Encryption Algorithm: Proprietary, Harris CITADELTM CCX
Cryptographic Traffic Encryption Key: Minimum 7.2 x 1016 combinations
Telephone Dialing: Pulse and DTMF
Software: Flash download capable
Weight: 9 oz.

Power Source: 90 to 240 Volts A/C 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 5 Watts
Dimensions: 6" D x 4.38" W x 1.38" H (152mm D x 111mm W x 35mm H)

Note: Since this device is highly sophisticated any sale outside the U.S. requires a U.S. government export license. ***Price is per unit - 2 unit minimum required.

Pro Encryption System
Item : 2016------------- U.S. $ 1,600.00
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Spy Gear

Cellular Voice Encryption Scrambler

The Cellular Voice Encryption scrambler is a snap-on to the dataport of an Ericsson cellular phone (included) working over the GSM network.

Simple in operation, it uses the 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm which is the most advanced encryption standard for voice communication, even more advanced than the DES standard.

Transparent operation, no action required by user.

Military strength - offers voice protection against virtually all determined listeners.

High level encryption process with new key draw for each session [Asymmetric Public Key Cryptography (Diffie-Hellman) for key exchanging and Symmetric block cipher (AES) algorithm for session encryption].

End-to-end secure voice and data communications over GSM networks.

Attaches to any Ericsson T28, T39, T65, T68, R520 and T68i, T200, T300, T310, T610 .

EFR voice quality.

Seamless operation.

Super efficient implementation of encryption algorithms for minimum impact on battery life.


Ultra light weight.

** Price per unit - 2 units are needed (one at each side of the conversation).

Cellular Voice Encryption
Item : 2001 ------------- U.S. $ 2200.00
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Spy Gear

Spy Phone
Remote Telephone Bug

Nokia Spy Phone Remote Telephone BugIt may look like a regular Nokia Cellular phone, however this Super technology goes beyond its standard capabilities.

It operates as a normal cellular phone - but when the phone is called in on a special "Spy" mode (from anywhere in the world) it will automatically answer without any ringing or lights coming on and the display stays the same as if it is on a "Standby Mode". While on the "Standby mode" it will pickup the sounds nearby and transmit them back to you (the caller).

Great for surveillance and covert operations.

The Spy Phone comes complete with all of its standard accessories, it is ready to do the job. All you have to do is to activate it as if you would activate any cellular phone.

- Talk Time: 3 to 4 Hours.
- Standby Time: up to 6 Days.
- Weight: 2.8 oz
- Technology: GSM standards for U.S - Europe - Asia.
- All standard accessories included.

NOTE : Except for Law Enforcement, this item is not available to U.S residents.

Spy Phone
Item : 2027-2 ----------------------------- U.S. $ 2400.00
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Spy Phone - Questions and Answers

"You can leave the Spy Phone anywhere or give it to anyone"

Q : What is the coverage area / range of the phone?

A : The coverage area will be the same as any other standard cellular phones, it depends
on the cellular coverage provided by your local cellular phone company.
As for the range while on the Spy mode - you can call it from anywhere in the world.

Q : Which cellular company can activate the Spy Phone?

A : It depends on where you live - the Spy Phone works over the GSM network, for example in the United States the coverage is available through AT&T or T-Mobil.
The activation procedure is the same as for any other cellular phone.

Q : How sensitive is the microphone and how far from the phone can I hear?

A : The microphone is the same microphone that is used to make a normal conversation
located in the mouth piece of the phone. Though the microphone is very sensitive there
is no way to know how far can you hear, the general rule is that you can hear the same
as if someone "forgot" to press the END button on the keypad.

Q : Can the Spy Phone be used for an everyday use as a cellular phone?

A : Yes, you can call and receive calls just like any other cellular phones, it will ring normally and perform according to the original manufacturer specifications.

Q : Can you tell by holding the phone that it is a "special phone"?

A : No, there is no way to tell by holding it or using the Spy Phone that it has an
" Extra feature", it looks and feel just like a standard ordinary cellular phone.

Q : When the Spy Phone is busy, can I call it in to listen?

A : No, you will hear a busy signal or you will transfer to the voice mail.

Q : What happens when someone wants to make a call while I monitor the Spy Phone?

A : You will hear them dialing, hang up and let them finish the call.

Q : How long can I monitor the Spy Phone?

A : You are only limited by the phone's battery, while monitoring it is considered "talk time".

Q : Can I call from the Spy Phone to any other phone and listen to anyone's conversation?

A : No, if this is your understanding we suggest that you read the description again.

Q : What happens after I order?

A : This is a custom made order, it takes about 14 days for delivery. After you order we
will contact you and coordinate the exact cellular phone model you need depending
on your location.

** Our models are compatible with the GSM networks in the United States - Europe - & Asia.

Nokia Spy Phone Remote Telephone Bug


Spy Phone
Item : 2027-2 --------------- U.S. $ 2400.00
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Spy Gear

Telephone Line Analyzer

It uses microprocessor technology to protect your phone three ways. First, it detects tiny changes in line voltage caused by taps into your phone line. Second, it detects radio transmissions from illegal listening devices within about 10 feet of the device. And, third, it detects eavesdropping from another extension while you're on the phone. When the unit detects an outside tap or eavesdropping, you're alerted by an audible alarm signal, red warning light and line status code on the easy-to-read LED screen. And the analyzer constantly monitors your line even while you're away, giving you around-the-clock protection. Its green light always lets you know when the line is clear. Never interfering with normal phone operation, the unit installs in seconds between your phone and wall jack with standard modular connections.

Compact and lightweight, you can use it anywhere at home or away. Features: AC power adapter, line cord, alarm on/off switch, polarity switch, voltage setting, radio frequency setting and bypass and reset controls.
S3.25" x 1.5" x 5.25".

Telephone Line Analyzer
Item : 2009------------- U.S. $ 329.95
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Spy Gear

Pro Tap DetectorPro Tap Detector

Do you know who else is listening to your conversations?
Could it be the phone company or maybe the government ...?

The Pro Tap Detector is the first and only telephone line security device that can detect electronically isolated remote extension drawn loops; the most sophisticated, threatening and common type of electronic surveillance that other security devices cannot detect, including wiretaps that previously had been undetectable.

Detect Computer Hackers, Government Agencies, Telco Security, etc. manipulating the Telephone Company's Central Exchange switching equipment to intercept your communications.

The Pro Tap Detector is most effective at detecting wiretaps / eavesdropping at the beginning and ending of a telephone call. At the beginning of a telephone call when someone is calling you watch for a remote extension drawn loop wiretap to seize the line between the cadence ringing.

This usually occurs between the first and third ring creating a connection reaction.

At the conclusion of any telephone call by observing the unit and counting / timing the number of disconnection reactions on the telephone line the unit can detect legal and illegal wiretapping on your telephone line by establishing either a normal signature pattern or an abnormal signature pattern resulting from additional telephone lines / wiretapping equipment disconnecting from your telephone line.

Pro Tap Detector
Item: 2002-2 ------------ U.S. $ 649.95
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Spy Gear

Automatic 5HR Recorder

This deluxe telephone recorder can also de-code numbers as they were dialed. It has a built-in LED so that playback gives you a complete recording including phone numbers dialed out while you were gone!

The recording starts automatically as soon as someone picks up the phone. Can be plugged into any extension of the same phone line and records silently  up to 5hrs. (2 1/2 hrs. each side). The recorder has a caller ID built in.

Uses standard audio cassette tapes.

Shipped complete and ready to do the job with a power supply adapter or batteries (not included). 

This is the affordable way to get a professional and accurate record of all phone conversations.

Automatic 5HR Recorder
Item : 2010----------------- U.S. $ 249.95
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Spy Gear

Telephone TransmitterVHF - Telephone Transmitter

Full Package

This professional telephone transmitter (has 3 channels) is disguised as a common dual modular adapter. It transmits up to 500 meters on VHF channels.

Set it into the modular jack with one touch—it uses the phone line for its power source. No battery or external antenna is needed!

VHF Telephone ReceiverBoth sides of the conversation are transmitted with clarity.

VHF Telephone Receiver

Transmitter works best with our state of the art VHF receiver. Receiver has 3 switchable channels. No distortion.

Note : Except Law enforcement agencies, This item is NOT available to U.S residents, all others please check with your local Customs Department.

VHF Telephone Transmitter
Item : 2027-1   (full package)
--------------------------------------------------- U.S $ 1,175.00
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Spy Gear

Telephone Tap DetectorTelephone Tap Detector

This latest in security technology, instantly tells you if there is a tap or eavesdropper on the line. Automatically mutes your call if a tap is enabled while you are talking. The detector even has RF detection capability. You are alerted to RF "bugs" up to 2 GHz! Get peace of mind with this state of the art technology.


Telephone Tap Detector
Item : 2002 ---------------- U.S. $ 269.95
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Spy Gear


If the green light privacy indicator light goes out during a phone conversation that means phone guard is warning you of a possible phone tap or eaves dropping, press the red by-pass button to resume your conversation, but now speak with caution. Phone-Guard III automatically disconnects other phones when one is in use. No installation— simply plug between the phone jack and your phone, fax, modem etc. No batteries required.

Size 3 1/2" x 2"w x 1"h. One year Warranty

Phone Guard III
Model: CS002 ------------- U.S. $ 59.00
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Spy Gear

Tele Monitor 2000

This sophisticated audio monitoring device utilizes advanced logic-chip technology and enables you to discreetly listen in on your premises via regular telephone lines from any telephone in the world!

The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires no activating beeper or whistle and does not affect normal incoming and outgoing calls. This unit also offers unprecedented capability and flexibility by allowing up to 4 units per line.

Tele-Monitor 2000's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper up to 35 feet away. To monitor, just dial your phone number from any tone telephone (limited to 5 minutes of monitoring). To extend the time you need only to press a number from your telephone keypad.

Size : 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1"

This is a completely self-contained unit with no actual telephone required.
It comes equipped with modular plugs for instant connection to telephone jacks and needs no batteries.

Tele Monitor 2000
Item : 3009 ---------------- U.S. $ 379.95
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Spy Gear